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VRAIS provides an immersive experience that can be enjoyed with any Virtual Reality headset such as Zeiss VR One, Homido VR headset or any Cardboard headset.

C'est vrais?

VRAIS is for explorers

VRAIS let’s you discover new worlds in virtual reality. It's a gallery of stereoscopic panoramic CG renderings. It is powered by a community of 3D artists who love to share their virtual environments. Dive into new worlds and immerse yourself in the creations of CG artists around the globe!

VRAIS is for artists

Artists need a way to test, review and share their digital creations.
VRAIS is both: a stereoscopic gallery where artists can share their virtual worlds and a tool where they can upload renderings to test and review renderings.

Interested in publishing your renderings? Read the guidelines!
Want to learn how to create stereoscopic 360° renderings with Blender? Check our tutorial!

VRAIS is available on the Play Store and the Apple App Store.

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