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What are the requirements for the uploaded images?

Images need to be stereoscopic 360° panoramic renderings, JPG, Top-Bottom (left eye top, right eye bottom). Maximum resolution is 4k, which is at the same time the recommended resolution of published images. If you just want to test your stereo renderings, you can of course also upload smaller sizes. We understand that we don't have many options in terms of image format, but we prefer to have an app that's easy to use instead of offering a bunch of options just a handful of people would understand anyway.

What are the requirements for images to be published?

VRAiS is meant to be a place where people interested in VR can explore new virtual worlds. To make the explore mode a comfortable experience for everyone there are some things to take care of:


Creating pleasant VR content can indeed be challenging. If the rendering doesn't work in VR due to technical reasons, we will notify you. Please check the [guidelines] for further information.


Renderings need to be 4k. A lower resolution just doesnt look nice anymore. Higher resolutions might be possible in the future, but for now we limit it to 4k


The biggest challenge when rendering with path tracers like Cycles is always noise. For film or normal still images a bit of noise is often acceptable, but in VR noise can totally kill the experience. Therefore renderings need to be as noisefree as possibible. And yes, we know, rendering noisefree with a pathtracer for stereo 4k really does hurt ;)


We don't accept illegal, racist, sexist, pornographic or otherwise offensive content. On the other hand the gallery is meant to be an interesting place as well, so test images of just default cubes might not make it into the selection as well.


VRAIS is made for CG artists. stereoscopic 360° photographs are interesting too, but not our focus.


Check our tutorial for more info about how to render!

VRAIS is available on the Play Store and the Apple App Store.